About Us

Resurs Group is one of the most exciting and fast-growing companies in the Nordics. We specialize in retail finance, consumer loans, insurance and credit cards.

The Resurs Group, which operates through its subsidiaries Resurs Bank, yA Bank and Solid Insurance, is the leading retail finance bank in the Nordic region, providing payment solutions, consumer loans and niche insurance products. Resurs has since its founding in 1977 established a base consisting of more than 1,200 retail partners with more than 35,000 stores. As a result, Resurs has created a customer base of approximately 5 million customers in the Nordic region. Resurs Bank is subject to the supervision of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority and holds a banking license since 2001. Since 2016 Resurs Holding is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.

Resurs Group has operations in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland with more than 700 employees and a total loan portfolio of approximately SEK 14 billion.

In the late 1970's a couple of TV-merchants joined forces and founded Resurs, the company that later became Resurs Holding. The business blossomed and Resurs expanded at a remarkable speed.

A few years later, Resurs introduced the concept of zero interest. Today Resurs Holding is the holding company for Resurs Bank and Solid Insurance.

Resurs Bank was founded in 2001 and offers services to both retailers and personal customers. We are rooted in sales financing and has partnered with over 1,400 retail chains and 35,000 retailers all over the Nordic region.

We are market leading in the sales financing segment and is a strong contender on the market segments for personal loans, credit cards, factoring and savings. Today every fourth person in the Nordics are part of Resurs Banks client base.

Solid Insurance has a market leading position for insurance solutions for capital goods within the Swedish retail industry. The fact that we are rooted in the retail industry has a large impact on our organization and always affects the very way we work. Since a few years, we offer our insurance solutions through both retailers and directly to the police holders.

We are used to high-paced environments and the demands for insurances that our customers can understand and appreciate. Our current market area includes all of Europe and we have representation in most European countries.

yA Holding consists of two subsidiaries, yA Bank and MetaTech. yA Bank is a Oslo based niche bank which specializes in consumer finance and offers savings accounts, consumer loans, credit cards and insurance to over 100,000 customers. MetaTech is yA Holding´s own IT company that builds and offer support in banking systems, mainly for yA-Bank.