Meet Anthony Gossian

”I love my job and aim for the top”

Anthony Gossian, Key Account Manager


anthonygossian_2016_resursjobs_541x526pxPassionate and ambitious. Personal attributes that instantly crosses ones mind when meeting Anthony Gossian. Four years into his newly started career he has already proved his ability to climb to new positions in the Resurs Group. Right now he is living his dream in sales. Meet Anthony Gossian.

– In 2012, finishing my studies, I was looking for the starting point of my career. After studying business management and finance I soon realized banking was a dream I was ready to fight for. It turned out Resurs Bank would become the perfect platform for my dreams, says Anthony Gossian when meeting him at Resurs Bank headquarters in Helsingborg.

At the age of 21 Anthony got his first assignment at Resurs Bank. Meeting customers over the phone was the perfect place to set his mark. The mark of a ”people person”, always striving to solve problems and help customers.

– Communication with 150 customers every day over phone can be a challenge. But foremost it’s a fantastic opportunity to sharpen ones listening skills and ability to solve customer needs. I quickly learned that the outcome of the call was very much dependent on my input and my tone of voice. I guess my personal energy and eagerness to help out worked pretty well, says Anthony.


Anthony raises his hand and makes a move


Working in Business Support was the best possible ”Resurs-school” says Anthony. Quickly learning the mechanics behind a bank paved the way for Anthonys next career move. Ever since he started working at the bank he glanced over to the Sales-side of things. And if an opportunity does not present itself one has to act. And that is what Anthony did.

– I asked the Key Account Managers if it was possible for me to come out on the field and promote our retail finance solutions. My colleague had me tag along to Bauhaus to help out present our Bauhaus finance offer. It turned out I managed to sell a record number of cards in one day. After that I was hooked and just had to step away from the phone and meet people live, laughs Anthony.


Next step – pioneering the ”store coach concept”


In all good stories, one good thing leads to the next. Proving his skills in meeting customers, Anthony was awarded a pioneering position at Resurs Bank in 2013. He was hand picked to launch the brand new concept of ”store coach”. A perfect position for an eager and energetic people-person. The purpose? To help retail partners present their finance offer even better to their customers, driving sales and growth.

– It was quite a change from my good days on the phones at Business Support, which I must say I loved also. But all by a sudden I did 70 000 kilometers in my car every year, spending 125 nights in hotels and all together travelled 250 days a year. More important, I performed many hundreds of visits to stores all over Sweden and contributed to their and Resurs Banks growing success in retail.

Anthonys intense ”road-trip” lasted for plus two years and paved the way for an even greater focus on ”store coach” concept. However. Faithfult to his ambition Anthony got ready for the next step. To fulfill the dream that was born in 2012 when he first entered the Resurs family.


Career dream fulfilled…or is it?


In early 2016 Anthony was offered the position of a Key Account Manager. Meaning being responsible for huge accounts with major retail brands in the Nordic region. To nurture and develop customer relationships is today his prime focus and passion.

– Despite my ambitious persona I actually love to care for long-term relationships. I want our partners to be 110 percent pleased with our services and products and see us as the best partner when it comes to driving sales. I always go out of my way to make that happen. Customer is king, its as easy as that, says Anthony.

Four years into his career Anthony is firmly grounded to the Resurs Group. No doubt has he given his outmost to the company and no doubt has the company fueled Anthonys ambition to reach new goals.

– Reaching goals and fulfilling dreams is a combination of many things. My recipe is to know what I want, to work for it and to have a reasonable portion of patience. Those three things works for me and its important to put focus on all of them. In short. When presented with an opportunity, be proactive and put 110 percent effort into it and do your very, very best. When doing so, you will be seen and your career will take off.