Meet Claus Sørensen

”I always say YES to a good challenge”

Claus Sørensen, Operations trainer Resurs Bank


claussorensen_resursjobsThe love of people… in hundreds and thousands. Meeting, interacting and helping people has been his focal point for a good 24 years. First serving the Danish state and since 14 years training the staff of Resurs Bank. A football champ who feed of his teammates success. A true captain, always ready for challenges! Meet Claus Sørensen.

– My boss recently said to me…”You can deliver results no matter what you get into, being a kindergarten teacher, handball coach or running training and recruiting at a bank”. I took his comment as a great compliment and I agree. When I decide to take on a new challenge I bring out the good old winner mentality from the football pitch and run for it, says Claus Sørensen, operations trainer at Resurs Bank Denmark.

Running fast, with sharp eyes on the scoreboard is his trademark. Spending his youth and young, adult years on a football pitch for Danish champions Lyngby BK has shaped a true team builder, coach and captain ready to lead people to top performances.


A sporty fighter and people person


After years of top tennis and football combined with higher studies Claus started his career in civil rights and immigrations. Working for the Danish state, handling civil services for a ministry and the municipality of Copenhagen. Claus got his share of caring for people in different needs. In short, higher studies in human relations.

– Five days a week I gave daily service to as many as 100 citizens. I loved it and there and then my career giving service to “customers” took off, says Claus who gave ten years of his career to the public society before deciding on a career change.

In 2002 Claus decided to pursue a career in banking. He found his new home in Danaktiv (bought by Resurs Bank in 2014) and customer services. His best career move ever.


Loves recruiting and training that adds value


2002 Claus started working in customer services at Danaktiv to assist credit customers and retail partners. Quickly his employer realized Claus was something special in training others on customer relations.

– Already in my first year I started training others and realized how much I loved it. From that day training has been my mission. I love the energy that hits me working with training new staff. It´s so rewarding and fun, says Claus.

After a few years combing customer services and training Claus was himself promoted to new challenges. Working as a supervisor in the credit department and later as an underwriting coordinator Claus kept running, giving his very best for the company when and where needed.

– My attitude has always been to say yes to a good challenge. Often sparked by my managers that come to me with new tricky tasks to solve. Most often in business support, training and recruitment. So far I have never said NO to a challenge and I want it to stay that way, says Claus.


An unexpected career move – into IT


Loyal to always saying yes to a new challenge, Claus made a job change in 2012 that was truly an unexpected move. He was asked to run an IT-project to modernize the banking system. Not exactly the typical project for a customer relations and training expert.

– I am proud I dared to throw myself into the unknown, into IT. It was totally outside my comfort zone and therefore something that truly challenged me. Especially since I am a people person that feed of personal meetings. Two years later I was proud to deliver a new system that helped us improve as a company, says Claus.


DanAktiv becomes Resurs Bank and training accelerates


When DanAktiv was bought by Resurs Bank the need for an organized training process was obvious. Claus got back on track and could once more fully focus on perfecting the training and on-boarding process, playing a key role in Resurs Banks growth in Denmark.

– I loved getting back to training to help people improve and develop as co-workers in Business Support. To build teams is really what I love. I am proud of our ambitious on-boarding program where we spend 15 full days training new colleagues and helping them to get a great start at Resurs Bank Denmark, says Claus.


Stimulates personal development


After 14 years in the company it´s safe to say Claus is a perfect match for his employer – and vice versa. As in all good relations a happy work relation goes both ways. For the good of the company and for the good of its staff.

– I guess five sick days in 14 years says a lot. Both that I am lucky and its a signal I really love it here. I have given my best at all times and never hesitate when a new challenge comes along. At the same time this company has given me many fantastic years, my boss has always supported me in ways that has strengthened me as a person and a professional. It’s simply the climate where one is ready to go the extra mile.