Meet Helen Hedvind Persson

”Be yourself – everyone else is taken”

Helen Hedvind Persson, New Business Sales


helen-hedvindShe is a true insurance professional with 15 years in the trade. No wonder Helen is a knockout with an impressive number of sales wins. However, the road to success has not been a walk in the park. She describes the first 18 months in the company as a failure. This is a story of a classic fighter comeback. Meet Helen Hedvind Persson.

– I guess it’s true to say I am passionate about sales and competing. My friends and colleagues know that I never give up and just can’t stand to lose. I guess my personality comes in pretty handy being in new business sales, says Helen with a charming laughter that goes straight to one’s heart.

And charming she is. A true people person and a sales professional, always ready to fire off her energetic personality. A person so easy to like that one forgets her other persona – a sharp business woman capable to negotiate and win partner deals for Solid Insurance.


Awarded dealmaker breaking sales records


In 2015 Helen started her new career as a “sales hunter”, finding new retail partners for Solid Insurance. Being an instant sales success she was even awarded the prestigious Resurs award “best ambassador” for the company value Open. In 2016 the bell has rung eight times for Helen, after closing as many new and important deals for Solid Insurance. All well, no doubt. However, it has not always been this sunny. Her first 18 months in the company was a failure, she describes.

– It’s all sweet and sunny these days, and I love my job and my great colleagues. I am in a flow for sure, and humbly I realize that. However. My first year and a half was a constant struggle to make a business strategy take off. Instead it crashed and burned. My great idea to sell our products to insurance brokers was not so great. That was a blow for my ego and could easily have been the end station on my Solid journey, concludes Helen.


Crash, burn and get back on your feet


In 2014 Helen turned to her boss Johan Holm, to suggest the termination of what she had been struggling with for 18 months. It was a “kill your darling” moment and they agreed to end their efforts to win over Insurance brokers to collaborate with Solid Insurance. There and then Helens journey with Solid was at a turning point. Leave, or stay with a new plan? The latter won, and what a wise call it was for both Helen and Solid Insurance.

– I am very grateful to have a great boss who gave me a new chance to change course and go into partner sales. Being a competitive person I decided to show myself and the company that I was worthy of a comeback, Helen says with a determined look in her eyes.

Soon after she landed her first partner deal with Euronics, and her new career as one of two “hunters” took off, with unexpected speed. Two years later Helen has landed more deals than anyone else in the company. However she is still a very hungry hunter.

– We have so much potential and I love this company. Of course I enjoy landing new deals and it’s great for my ego, but please, please, remember that winning a deal is a true team effort with many heroes. Winning a deal can take 12-18 months, and before the contract is signed, I am only one out of many colleagues that contribute to the deal come true, says Helen.


Helen´s second home


Helen is grateful to the employer that made her comeback possible. A boss that never gave up on her, and supported her new goals. Needles to say, Helen pays back in loyalty, hours and energy.

– My work is extremely important to me and I do care for this company. Hey, I spend so many hours here and give my very best every day so it’s natural that I put my backbone into it. The great bonus, aside winning deals and getting to ring the bell, is my colleagues. I have great friends here and could easily invite everyone home for a dinner, having a fabulous time. I guess I am very lucky in having found the right place to work, says Helen.

Despite the competitive edge and win focus, Helen is a warm and very caring person that care greatly for family, friends and colleagues. Down to earth and openhearted she makes sure to treat all well. Helen says that it is one of the first thing that she was taught, “treat people around you as you want to be treated”. A personality that fits in perfectly with Solid Insurance’s values and friendly atmosphere.

– I always try to be very true to myself. I am a little old fashioned and believe in always treating people with a warm heart and open attitude. That’s the way I was brought up and that’s the tune I will always follow. At the same time my colleagues know that “competition” is my middle name. Long before my father passed away, I promised him to be the CEO of a company one day. So our CEO better sleep with one eye open from now on, says Helen with an ever so charming laughter.