Meet Louise Ziegler

“Working at Resurs turned out to be exactly the right place for me”

Louise Ziegler, HR Business Partner


louiseziegler_2016_resursjobs_541x526px_2Two years ago Louise wrote her bachelor’s thesis about the Resurs Group. She was working in the Group at the time and gained a taste for the companies and her colleagues. And what a good call that was for Louise! Today she has advanced to Staffing Partner to the Groups biggest department, Business Support and responsible for recruiting about 70 new colleagues. Every year. Meet Louise Ziegler.

– Working at Resurs turned out to be exactly the right place for me. Towards the end of my studies I had an internship at the Resurs Group, where I wrote my thesis and worked at the same time. It was high pressure but I’ve always been up to challenges and hard work,” laughs Louise Ziegler, HR Business Partner at Resurs Holding and in charge of recruiting staff to Business Support in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark.

And one thing is crystal clear. Louise has always been ambitious, eager to learn and with an entrepreneurial spirit. From the age of 12 she was schooled into work ethics and business when she ran an ice-cream kiosk in Kullabygden in Skåne, during her teenage summers. An important step for a blooming youngster. A number of positions of responsibility as a chairman of the student council and entrepreneur fired an interest in people and personal development. And since graduating, this is an interest she is making the most of at the Resurs Group.


Personal drive and hard work is the key to success


At Resurs Bank Louise had to roll up her sleeves, in the archive and sometimes half buried under folders and administration. What kept her going was a mindset that guides her through life: no matter the task, always do your best! Louise was blessed with a boss that saw her progress and gave her a chance to focus on what she was trained for. Recruiting and developing people. A perfect and dream like match for Louise.

– As well as recruiting 50–70 new employees for our company every year, I also introduce the same number in the Resurs Group´s Introduction program. I love meeting people who are good at what they do. The best part is probably getting to meet young, ambitious people at an important moment in their lives says Louise, continuing: “Sometimes I know almost immediately that the person in front of me will be the CEO of a company one day. And I just think, imagine meeting a star like that so early in their career and being part of their journey!


Daily energy boosts fire up personal development


In her position at Resurs Holding Louise spends her hectic and fun days supplying Resurs Bank and Solid Insurance with the best possible employees. And, not to forget, helping them to develop! In other words, driven, expert and engaged colleagues who, like Louise, might be taking the first steps in their careers and may rapidly move up the company.

– When I think about my own journey, it reminds me of the opportunities we have to offer at Resurs. I love my freedom with responsibility and have become a much more confident person. Here there’s no time wasted between idea and action, and that suits a restless soul like mine. Flexibility is one of my characteristics and that’s truly valued here.

And when asked what she has learned most in her two years at the Resurs Group, Louise doesn’t hesitate.

– Resurs has taught me that making mistakes isn’t the end of the world as long as you learn from it and improve. I have had the chance to grow as a person, more than I could ever have dreamed of two years ago. Now I love helping people who apply to work here to embark on the same journey.